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1by1 Latest Version

Free download 1by1 latest version 1.91. 1by1 is more than a simple music player which makes you feel that you are being facilitated by a perfect sound player. Now a day you have to deal with variety of music formats which are different because of their quality levels.  And to play them there are many media players available in the global market. 1by1 is one of them and unique in its nature actually.  It is task specific, easy to use, light to have, simpler to install in your PC.

1by1-screenshot-compressor1by1 does not required high RAM and CPU for its efficient work because it has been designed for a common user too. It is amazingly supper in its work and does not need to have greater disk space. You can play music directly from the player. You don’t need to import files in the 1by1 player.  The explorer option enables you to locate the music files, big view and a play list.  The bar visualization also displays the information about the music file or track.

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Talking about the key features of the 1by1 player, you will have a Configurable Window after opening up the software. You may have many of the features about the manual changes like Enhancer which allows you to increase the quality of the sound being selected of played. You can use the Enhancer option automatically of manually both. But for manual you have to go with the option Equalizer which enables you to set your own sound quality level. You may increase the base, sharpness, loudness and the pitch of the sound track. You can also get advantage by your keyboard. By using some of short cut key you may perform different functions like, to play, to pause, to stop, to raise the volume etc.  You may set those keys customize or you may follow the keys which has been set by the software automatically. In both cases there is an ease for you.

1by1 media player is quite simple, easy to use and friendly for users. It provides almost every function which a user can demand by the media player.  It is light to install free and efficient in its work. It is compatible with most of the ordinary and unordinary systems. While playing a track it will never disturb you like other media player sometimes hanged up. (Review by PCFavour)

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