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7-Zip Latest Version

Free download 7-Zip 18.02 latest version from direct download link. 7-Zip is another file compression and file archiver program. 7-Zip is an open source program and therefore is free as compared to WinRAR or other file compressing software. 7-Zip works with the format of 7z. It can also support a variety of compressed file formats.

7-Zip Snapshot7-Zip can work will CLI (Command Line Interface), GUI(Graphical User Interface) or any window-based computer system. It is very easy to extract compressed files using 7-Zip. You can also compress your own files such as videos, music, pictures, documents etc.

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7-Zip can extract almost every format such as RAR, GZIP, ISO, 7z, ARJ, CPIO, BZIP2, XAR, NTFS, UDF, ZIP, CAB, WIM, TAR, FAT, MBR, RPM and much more. 7-Zip not only reduce the size of your files but also enables it to send or upload using a single click.

7-Zip compresses files and send them to a single compressed file that can be easily upload. So, with the help of this program, you can send multiple types of files within a single compressed file.

7-Zip is very helpful for a common user as well as developers. By default, it works with .7z file extension. You can also add password to make your file secure. 7-Zip menu is very simple. It contains Add, Extract, Test, Copy, Move, Delete and Info options.

7-ZIP add to archive

Add option is used to compress a file or folder. It basically add your files or folder to a compressed folder. Extract option is used to extract the files from a compressed folder. You can test multiple files, copy them to anywhere from your computer, move them or delete them. Info option will show you the necessary information of the selected file or folder. This option works the same functionality that we do by making right click on folder and select “Properties” option. Overall, 7-Zip is the best compressing program for your PC. (Review by pcfavour)

Open Source
Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
1.10 MB (32-bit)
1.346 MB (64-bit)
Igor Pavlov

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