Active Soccer for iPhone Download

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Active Soccer for iPhone

Download Active Soccer for iPhone. Is it free? No. It has purchased license so you have to buy this. In the world of Android football games, FIFA 13 is known today’s English Premier League that is an expensive assembly glitzy parts which are very impressive. In view of old fashion winger the likes of Real Football and FIFA are the approximations of the modern console footy experience and the maker of Active Soccer tries to emulate the football Sims of the Amiga era and this thing proves that result is fast- paced top- down game which requires the real skill and patience to the master. In both of Normal and Hard modes the control of the football is precarious to say the least. In this case, then Active Soccer is like the old English First Division of the 1970s- an instinctive skill that holding it all together.

active-soccer-for-iphone-screenshoIf you want to dribble the ball then you will need to passes a delicate touch with a virtual joystick. There are two buttons with which you can play ‘A’ button results in a hefty thwack of the ball and ‘B’ button is for passing. You can have a good time playing this game.

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The real art is shooting here. The aforementioned two buttons are also present here to handle defending. In the presentation and structure of the game, Active Soccer’s creator has turned to the old school again with slightly less success than it found with the game.

An online multiplayer mode is also present here. The graphics are 3D when the view is zoomed in on the goal replays this thing particularly exposed it. The animation is also extremely clunky, for the kick off the players often levitating back to the centre. The official licenses are conspicuous in their absence as you might expect from such a small – Scale game. All the International teams are represented by subtly altered players. (Review by pcfavour)

47.6 MB.

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