Adobe ShockWave Player Download Latest Version

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Adobe ShockWave Player Latest Version

Free download Adobe Shockwave Player latest version from direct download link. Adobe Shockwave Player is new name of Macromedia Shockwave. It is multimedia application software which is used to add interactivity and animation to internet web pages. This application allows you to view Adobe Director Applications in your web browser. Adobe Shockwave is installed in the form of plug-in.

Adobe-Shockwave-player-logoThis add-on also enables you to play online games on your browser in a better way. After installation and restart your browser, you will experience the large range of graphically impressive online websites. There are also included Flash movies in the Adobe Shockwave that’s why authors choose Shockwave Director combination over Flash because it offers more features and efficient tools.

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Shockwave plug-in is not available for Sun Solaris and Linux. Anyhow, it can be installed on Linux along with CrossOver or by running Windows version of any browser within Wine. It is available for both Mac OS and Windows OS.

You can add a lot of effects such as adjust color, depth of field, convolution filter, night vision, bloom effect to enhance movies visually. These features has made this plug-in more attractive and the plug-in has become an initial part of the browsers.

The Shockwave player can cause your system slow down as its resources are heavy. Further more you may face some problem in processing of some heavy media files. Overall, it can make your online gameplay more enjoyable. (Review by pcfavour)

23.4 MB.

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