Angry Crocodile Attack Shooter APK for Android

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Angry Crocodile Attack Shooter APK for Android

Free download Angry Crocodile Attack Shooter APK for Android latest version. Angry crocodile attack in the swamp is an epic shoot em up croc and allie shooting range battle simulator between evil hungry alligators and the Wild West sheriff cowboy rampage. Defense your cottage and town from the crocodile horde is crawling out of dirty sewer.

angry-crocodile-attack-shooter-Android-screenshotThey are crawling towards your hut in lush greenery lakeside kill them all. Best action game in hunting simulator 2D games environment enjoy killing crazy crocodile packs. You tried many 3d hunting simulator checkout this shooting game. The sewer near lake water is contaminating the whole area, making algae and bad steam from acid.

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The water is getting muddy and dirty with acid and steam from sewer. They are forced to crawl towards clean water, they are starving for prey. These giant renegade crocodile are walking in dark water lake towards your fishing boat. Hunt down these wildlife predators hungry to get feed. They attack and chop fish, humpback whales and other sea life too.

You loved Wild West cowboys and Red Indian stories and movies like toy story and more. I’m sure you love the character of Woody west sheriff. A horde of hungry critters and croco’s crawling towards your cottage boat in swampy water. You are a cowboy and sharpshooter, use your assault rifles and sheriff skills and take down these hungry critters carnivore croc alligators before these evil make you their prey. Last week some crocodile swim through dark water and went to beach side where they hunt some people, humpback whales.

Play as cowboy shooter in this realistic simulator game and save your life from angry crocodile swamp villain. Reload your pistol and shoot down this croco gang before they take you down. Hunt down the allie gang in muddy algae in this shooting sim. You got unlimited bullets to hunt this swamp killer beast horde. Now make sure the city survival from deadly and sharp teeth carnivore croc jaws. Not some ordinary shark, boat fishing, humpback, whales or beach games.

Best game for little kids and youngster girls and boys to hunt down some hungry giant renegade crocodiles in the swamp.


  • Smooth tap and shoot gameplay.
  • Amazing Challenging gameplay.
  • Kill deadly jaws croco gang with unlimited bullets.
  • Amazing swap and Lake Graphics to enhance your game-play.
  • Real life superb background music to give you real jungle feel.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

13.99 MB.

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