Angry Elephant Attack 3D APK for Android

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Angry Elephant Attack 3D APK for Android

Free download latest version Angry Elephant Attack 3D for Android with APK file. Play as a giant furious elephant and shake the earth with your massive size. Crazy elephant EMERGENCY. The frenzied elephant will CRUSH whatever gets in way. RUN for your lives! The crazy elephant will crush you under its gigantic feet! Angry elephant has been separated from its herd. It is in a wild frenzy.

angry-elephant-attack-3d-Android-screenshot-downloadYou can feel the thrill of being a huge angry elephant out for destruction, Smash cars, Kill people, Attack animals, Run around the town creating chaos, No one can get hold of the crazy GIGANTIC elephant. He is out for revenge. Grab and crush everyone who comes in your way. Strike the people and animals to get closer to clearing the level.

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You are in control of this massive creature. Your rampage will shake the earth. Attack people with your trunk. Smash cars with your mighty hooves. Wreck and shatter the whole town with your burly form. Be careful, the game can bring the animal out of you. No animal can cause as much destruction as this angry elephant. It is going to be a bloody rampage.

Angry Elephant Attack 3D features include:

  • Multiple action packed missions
  • Giant maps to explore
  • Realistic elephant animations
  • Town area with no shortage of preys
  • Awesome game play with thrilling challenges
  • Multiple elephants to choose from

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

41.96 MB.

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