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Ant Renamer Latest Version

Free download Ant Renamer latest version. Ant Renamer is a lightweight windows application and it has the purpose to help the users to rename multiple files and folders which have the aid of various user defined settings. For the users this tool presents support for Unicode encoding operations, so that users can rename files which have characters in Chines, Greek, Japanese or many other languages.

Ant-Renamer-screenshotAnt Renamer has a clean and intuitive interface which enables the users to carry out most operations with minimal try. This program offers its users the possibility to add folders and files to the list by using the built in browse button or drag and drop operations. The users of this program have also the option that they can select between different renaming options which are related to the following operations such as string replacement, string insertion, extension adjustment, character deletion, date and time stamps, MP3 tag and Exif info insertion enumeration, regular expression and many others.

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This tool has many notable features which facilitate the users, these features enable the users to preview the chosen files for executing multiple renaming task activate the batch mode for the selected items and directories and log the whole procedure to a file. Through this app the users are allowed to remove the chosen items, delete dead files from the list, undo their actions and export the log to TXT or also LOG file format and they can copy it to the dip board for pasting it into other third party utilities.

Ant Renamer is a reliable application which comes bundled with a handy set of features. This app helps the users to rename folders and files. This program is also good for all types of users and they can use it with great ease. Through this tool they can successfully rename their targeted files.

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