Apple iTunes Download Latest Version

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Apple iTunes Latest Version

Free download Apple iTunes latest version. It is media player software for iOS, Mac and Windows Operating Systems. It is developed by Apple Inc. This software is basically used to play and download audio and videos from iTunes Store. You can use your own storage to add media files such as Music, Movies and much more.

Apples-iTunes-downloadApple iTunes media player is nice addition for your PC. You can easily manage and arrange your library using Apple iTunes. It is very easy to use even for a new user to computer. Music option helps you to manage your audio files and songs. You can set and manage Albums. All the songs having same album titles will be placed within same directory.

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You can also arrange and check your music according to artists in Apple iTunes. If you want to see all artists then Apple iTunes will help you to show the songs with the artist name and you can play it instantly. Similarly, you can also manage your songs according to its Genres. Using Playlists option, you can add your own playlist and add all songs of your choice. After creating New Playlist from top right drop down menu, you can add songs by clicking “Add to” button. Remember that you can add only the songs which are already added to Apple iTunes library. You can add songs from top right drop down menu by clicking “Add File to Library” or using short key “Ctrl+O”.

Movies option enables you to add and manage videos for your Apple iTunes player. You can add video files using the same method as music. The menu list of Movies consists of Unwatched, Movies, Genres, Home Videos and List. Apple iTunes support only MP4 movies so if you will try to add any other format, it will unable to show and play that movie.

Search Library option is very impressive in Apple iTunes. You can easily search and play your desired video, music or movie by just typing the name of that and this will show you all videos having the words you have entered. You can access Apple iTunes Store with the help of a single click and can purchase and download your application, books, podcasts and much more. App Store has a lot of categories in its menu and you can navigate to your desired one easily. Apple iTunes is free, so download and enjoy the world of media with different way. (Review by pcfavour)

112.31 MB (32-bit)
160.06 MB (64-bit)
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