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Audacity Latest Version

Free download Audacity latest version 2.2.1. Audacity provides the users a full set of tools which they can use to edit audio files and add effects through a clear and accessible interface. This apps’ intuitive interface facilitates the users of all experience level. The users will benefit from its’ nice list of features. To help the users learn how to use all of its features this app comes with links to a great collection of different types of resources. This app also has the qualities of a Quick Help Guide, a Wiki, a full Manual and user Forums where users can ask questions and also get feedback from other users.

audacity-screenshotAs well as its’ all online resources are also searchable. By this use users can find what they are looking for fast. Through this program users find the list of effects which they can use on their audio files through this app that is long and comprehensive. For the users there are some more items such as Amplify, Compressor, Leveler, Auto Duck, Hard Limiter and many more. To add into an existing recording, users can also record their own voice directly by this app.

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This app also provides the facility to its users to import export files in multiple formats. But users have to need to download and install several additional programs in order to access the full range of files format options. Audacity is a versatile, open source and cross-platform audio editor and recorder. It can record and play sounds and import and export AIFF, MP3, WAV and OGG files. Audacity can edit users’ sounds by using cut, copy and paste features and apply effects to their recordings.

This program is compatible across all popular platforms. It is the most popular open source digital audio editor. This podcast software provides tasks for capturing and editing. It contains no publishing options. That’s why when users are finished making each podcast episode they must manually upload it from another service. (Review by PCFavour)

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