Avetix Antivirus Download Latest Version

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Avetix Antivirus Latest Version

Free download Avetix Antivirus latest version. The Avetix Pro version has been developed to protect your computer from all types of threats: viruses, worms, spyware and trojans. You can also browse and open your e-mail safely, without any risk, as all suspicious files are automatically blocked. Try the free version of Avetix.

Avetix-Antivirus-screenshotAvetix ensures comprehensive protection of your PC by intercepting all threats, such as viruses, worms, spyware and trojans. It also uses Anti-Adware technology to prevent unexpected and annoying advertising pages opening on your browser.
Thanks to its preventive action, Avetix also ensures the removal of viruses before they appear on your computer, by checking suspicious files before they are opened and monitoring Internet and e-mail links that may be harmful to your PC.

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Even before you receive your e-mails, Avetix provides a careful and targeted control of all types of malicious activity you may encounter while checking your e-mail. Rely on Avetix and manage your e-mail with no more hassle. Avetix removes all risk of suspicious content and protects you from phishing (online fraud), rootkits (theft techniques) and banking trojans. Even while you are using instant messaging programs, Avetix checks the safety of the files you receive before they can be downloaded, providing protection at all levels of sharing.

The Avetix application allows you to choose the most suitable Antivirus settings, according to your computer use requirements. Four different profiles can be selected from the software panel: an in-depth action Antivirus profile; an Antivirus profile with intermediate characteristics; an Antivirus profile with a fast range of action, suitable, for example, for online gamers who need a flexible and non-invasive Antivirus solution; and finally, there is a customised profile that allows you to select your preferred options.

Avetix is ​​an antivirus software that can guarantee total and constant protection during your normal daily computer activities. In the event of a probable threat, Avetix notifies you immediately and guides you through a range of actions. It automatically detects any risk to your computer and always notifies you while you are using your computer. Its activity does not affect the efficiency of your operating system or slow down normal computer processes in any way, ensuring optimum performance.

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