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Aviator Latest Version

Free download WhiteHat Aviator latest version. With every website you visit, you’re vulnerable to malicious hackers out to steal your surfing history, passwords, email access, bank account numbers, medical info, and more. And the “big browsers” don’t do enough to stop it

WhiteHat-Aviator-screenshotBut now you can protect yourself before you go on the Web – with WhiteHat Aviator, the Web’s most secure and private browser. With WhiteHat Aviator, you get the industry’s best and tightest security and privacy safeguards – all built-in, all activated, all ready-to-go.

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WhiteHat Aviator is based on Google Chrome. What actually do this web browser? This only disable the JavaScripts and add the search page of its own with Google Custom Search option. You can also choose Yahoo search too from the drop down menu. So, when you open any website, you will not see the ads and anything based on JavaScript. That’s why, you will be protected while searching internet or visiting a website.

The Makers of WhiteHat Aviator: Our business is identifying website threats and vulnerabilities. Yet our security engineers were stuck using the same commercial browsers available to consumers—developed by browser vendors whose business interests are misaligned with the people they serve. That’s why we created a browser that meets our own security and privacy needs. After identifying the features that were absolutely critical to ensure privacy and facilitate our extensive security testing, we built WhiteHat Aviator—the most secure and private Web browser available. Now, you can take advantage of WhiteHat Aviator;—absolutely free. Because everyone needs a Web browser that’s fast, reliable, and, above all, secure.

WhiteHat Aviator is the first consumer application from WhiteHat Security Labs (WHSL), the research arm of WhiteHat Security, Inc. WHSL is home to dozens of top security experts and leading authorities on network privacy, intrusions, hacking, and cybercrime. They’ve worked to identify security and privacy problems since the dawn of the Web.
Leading luminaries such as Jeremiah Grossman, Robert Hansen, Jim Manico, Jerry Hoff, and Matt Johansen have travelled the world to raise awareness about the serious risks of modern browsers. Unfortunately, year after year, more dangerous and systemic issues are uncovered and many of the existing ones remain unaddressed. Those developers call the flaws “unfixable” or “by design.” We disagree. Try WhiteHat Aviator and see the difference for yourself.

Windows / Mac
60.72 MB (Windows)
74.66 MB (Mac)

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