Banjo APK for Android Download

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Banjo APK for Android

Free download Banjo apk for android. It is your all-access pass to live events and breaking news around the world. We discover social posts from your favorite networks, sort them by location, and show you what it’s like to be anywhere in the world, right now. Browse music, sports, breaking news, and so much more to explore real-time posts from the people who are there. Banjo provides an on-the-ground view at any place or event.

Banjo-for-Android-screenshotWith Banjo Android, you get not only access to several channels in one social networking site, also comes to see if your contacts are nearby. What’s more, with the Banjo post status updates, tweets, share photos, or check, all from a single interface. To start Banjo, login with either your Facebook or Twitter account. No matter what initially choose because once you’re in, you can easily add another access to the Settings menu. Besides these two networks, Banjo also supports Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. The more accounts you attached, the better your chances of seeing your friends on the map of Banjo.

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Once your accounts are established on a sample Banjo users who have published articles on site in the last 24 hours Google Map. Importantly, the map shows the connections (associated accounts) and any stranger who might have shared publicly posts with geotags. This means you could potentially trigger a conversation with another tech-savvy … if you are so brave. While some people may find that this is an unlikely thing, there are certainly a number of users who see it as a good opportunity for networking. One of Banjo’s niftier facets is Friend Alerts, which lets you accept notifications when a friend posts something from within an assured distance of your recent location. You can set it to report you of posts created within a section-mile or up to 10 miles away.

One of my biggest pet irritates about Banjo is its slow performance. Maps can sometimes load at a snail’s rate, and zooming in and out adds even more time. So, if you find yourself regularly switching between tabs, you might be in for a vaguely aggravating experience. Otherwise, Banjo looks like a sensible app to download, especially if you and your friends are into geotagging your posts. As it’s proficient of connecting with numerous different social networks, it’s a enormous core for quickly checking in on your friends’ local activities.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

9.90 MB.
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