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Bing Maps Downloader Free

The program to download Bing Maps images into your storage included view them as well as to combine multiple maps together by exporting to MBTiles database easily!

Bing Maps Downloader 7.304 Latest Version is a tool enables you automatically download the Bing Maps images into storage of your PC. The program can download the small tiles and subsequently can save to your hard disk, including the other additional advantages i.e. normal maps, satellite maps, hybrid maps, and Ordnance Survery Maps in UK.

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(Bing Maps Downloader Window)


While downloading it can be viewed the maps offline by its tool Maps Viewer, or you can combine the small images into one big map image. Like as Google Earth Pro and other platform i.e. EarthView also defined for map purpose. In case, it is also pertinent to mention here for your kind perusal that want to create offline map of your city yourself then self-made is useful for you which is personal purpose but not valid for commercial usage. Its functioning is very easy to operate. Here EarthTime is also narrated for time requiring as per areas of the world and this best tool for earthtime on the map!

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  • This tool violates multiple licenses. Don’t pay for this as it will be disabled.