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Boxcryptor Latest Version

Free download Boxcryptor latest version. As the name is showing Boxcryptor is software which helps to encrypt the data for secure use. By encryption data can also be prevented by the unauthorized access because of local encryption of everything. The application has been especially made to deal with different online web storages. Many internet users save their important data at online storages like G Drive, Dropox, One Drive and much other remote storage.  In order to secure your data from unauthorized persons, Encryption of the data is most important and need of time because your account at particular storage can be hacked. But if your data is encrypted then you don’t need to be worry.  And Boxcryptor is all about this feature and facility.

Boxcryptor-screenshotWhat and how Boxcryptor actually does? Actually firstly it creates a virtual hard drive in your system and after that it save all the data which you want to upload into that drive. All of your data secured individually using strict procedure which runs both asymmetric encryption and symmetric encryption as well. These two standards depend on two basic keys; public and private.

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You need to put basic information of your account or targeted location to save those files. Once you have logged in Boxcryptor will automatically find out that location. You don’t need to provide information of account again and again. If you don’t want to enjoy this facility in order to maintain strict privacy you can do these things manually every time. You may also use multiple locations. Another attraction of Boxcryptor is its encryption of file names but this feature you can enjoy only on paid version. After having purchased version you can also encrypt the names of the files as well.  Using this application initially you can configure it manually. You can also set the automatically updating option at that time.

It has been seen that if there is any data in the synchronized folder Boxcryptor will not precede it automatically. You must have to start the process of encryption manually. Talking about its rating, about eight out of ten users have been seen to like this software and this is a good rating.  To sum up,  Boxcryptor is a software application which enables you to secure your data by encryption. It installs a virtual hard drive on your system for synchronization and encryption. It is good software with easy use. (Review by PCFavour)

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