Cadillacs and Dinosaurs PC Game

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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs PC Game

Free download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs game for PC. Download Cadillacs and Dinosaurs game from high speed direct download link. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs free download.


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How to Play?

After downloading the zip file, extract and run the EXE file. Press 5 to insert coin for player 1, 6 to insert coin for player 2 and 7 to insert coin for player 3. You can manually set all button by press Tab button from keyboard and selecting Input (this game). Set your own setting and enjoy the game.

12.8 MB.

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9 Responses

  1. anas says:

    thank you 🙂 🙂

  2. codu says:


  3. raja babu says:

    i this like it for you

  4. Стефан says:

    Thank u!

  5. chephz says:

    thanks for sharing, i search this game for so long, and now i can play without download mame32 and cadillacs ROM

  6. Mileykk says:

    ( starts the game,1 to select player 1,Ctrl + Alt action

  7. M Faheem Usama says:

    Use 5 button to insert coin and 1 to start.
    The default buttons to control are:
    Arrow keys for movement
    ctrl and alt key to play.

    You can change the game controll buttons by pressing tab and then select Input this game option.

  8. Zeeshan Abbasi says:

    What are the keys to use on keyboard to play this game on PC?
    Please reply Thanks!

  9. nacereddine says:

    thank you

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