Caller name announcer APK for Android

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Caller name announcer APK for Android

Free download latest version Caller name announcer for Android with APK file. Our serious apologies for the bugs in previous version. All bugs are fixed now. And some new features added. Like, initial talking time setup and no sound in silent mode.

Caller-name-announcer-Android-screenshotAn useful app to every android user. We normally keep mobiles in pockets or in handbags. When you get call , you don’t need the get the mobile out of pocket/bag. This app will speak the name of the contact OR number( if the number not saved in contacts). NOTE : App functionality depends on your device settings and TTS settings. This app works perfect with pico-TTS.

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Some features :

  • It announces the name of person calling your number.
  • It reduces the effort to answer the unknown numbers while in driving.
  • You can either activate the app for all contacts in phone.
  • Or for unknown numbers.
  • This caller name speaker can speak the name if it stored in your contacts.
  • Or this will talk the number.
  • Now you can set the initial time to start speaking.
  • No sound when it is in silent mode.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

1.82 MB.
App Basic

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