cargo train car transporter 3D APK for Android

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cargo train car transporter 3D APK for Android

Free download latest version cargo train car transporter 3D for Android with APK file. cargo train car transporter 3D is the best parking game of its kind. you have the chance to drive many different kind of cars lika a pickup truck , police car , taxi , coupe. you need to drive the cars to the correct location on the train with out hitting any objects or drive from the train to the ground or in a building every vehicle is unique can you handle every car.? taxi vehicle every been in a taxi if not then here is your chance to drive one of the most beautiful taxi’s there is.

cargo-train-car-transporter-Android-screenshotyour job as a taxi driver can be very excited you never know. what you will see the moment you start working as a taxi driver. But before you are allowed to work you first need to get your licence and here is the chance for you start driving a taxi and learn how to park your taxi and drive through the city. Without hitting any vehicle’s that drive around and make sure you keep your fuel as full as possible. Police car do you like driving around fast and to ignore rules sometimes then becoming a police man is perfect for you. In this game you can drive around in a police car and learn how to park your vehicle without hitting any cars or containers that are around you.

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cargo-train-car-transporter-screenshotA police car drives nice and smooth has awesome lights on the roof and has enough speed to win a street race with. Pick up truck are you ready to drive a big truck. Then download this game now because it has a very big truck special for people that love pick up truck vehicle’s but remember with big vehicle’s comes big responsibility it has alote of weight and power it could destroy many thing without any problems but after driving it a couple of times parking your pick up truck wont be that tricky anymore.

cargo train car transporter 3D features:

  • amazingly realistic driving game.
  • you are able to drive many cars ( pickup truck , police car , taxi , coupe ).
  • 15 amazingly realistic parking situations.
  • Show off your skills.
  • Choose out of many roads to drive.


Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

44.25 MB.

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