Cave of no Return PC Game Download

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Cave of no Return PC Game

Download Cave of no Return for free. Cave of no Return is a game for PC. It is easy to play and simple to enjoy. It is an acrade game which can be played by just two keys. You simply have to go escape yourself from the cave. There are many hurdle and obstacles from which you have to defend yourself by hitting. Like other games there is no male leading character. It is actually about a runner girl who is stuck in the cave. You just have to get her outside the cave.

Cave of no returnThere are hidden roofs and walls from which you have to be protected. You can jump by using keys but the girl will run automatically. Once you have passed some way, you would not be able to return. Cave of no Return will kill you if you would not escape early from the cave.

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It have dark graphics because of cave environment. There is very small light and you to play and find out your way in darkness. Actually it is the challenge of this game.

It has monochrome 8-bit graphics. There is a thrilling music when you play the game which makes it horror. One main reason of its easiness is its keys and their quick response when you are running. You can move the girl as you want. There is nothing difficult in this game. If you play it once, you will be addictive to this game. Online scoreboard, ease to pick up and addictive are known as its pros. Darkness in the game seems to be a con of this game. (Review by PCFavour)

3.15 MB.

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