Comodo Internet Security Premium

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Comodo Internet Security Premium

COMODO-Internet-Security-premium-screenshotFree download Comodo Internet Security Premium latest version from direct download link. Comodo internet security is developed by Comodo. It is a complete package of security as it has antivirus, firewall and all the tools which protect your computer from intruders, malwares and all other threats.

All the protecting tools are in a single interface which can be easily managed by a user. Comodo interface is very user friendly and even a new user can also use it very easily. Comodo internet security has some interesting things like, you can create your own trusted apps list that either you want to block it or an app is a trusted one to use. It has the community features too.

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Comodo contend that its firewall is the best and unique as it allows all leak tests to confirm the data entering and exiting from your systems. Comodo made their firewall after all the possible tests to make it best and powerful more than enough to stop all the possible attacks with default setting.


  • It safeguards your computer from internal and external attacks.
  • Blocks the internet access from malicious Trojan attacks.
  • Protects your computer data (Personal, Office, etc.) against theft.
  • Gives you the end point security for PCs and networks from all possible threats.
  • Gives you fully protection from all online threats, viruses, malfunctions, spyware, unauthorized access and much more.

Comodo internet security has created a very good impression on the users. It will take some time for proper configuration. In start you’ll get continuously alerts until the Comodo knows that which app is trusted and which is not trusted. Every security program takes time. Besides this, Comodo is far better for you. (Review by pcfavour)

204.12 MB.

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