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ConEmu Latest Version

Free download ConEmu latest version. ConEmu is a free power shell tool. It is a generic multi console host so that users can add as many console based application such as power shell to it. ConEmu is a console window and tabbed environment for windows. ConEmu offers multiple consoles and simple GUI applications as one customizable GUI windows with a status bar, tabs and other features. It can be used with any other win 32 console application or simple GUI tool.

ConEmu-ScreenshotIt is a windows console emulator with tabs. With ConEmu users can use their favorite tools like CMD, Far manager and notepad in on app with nice tabbing experience supported with shortcuts. The options of transparency, split screen, full screen, highlight, copy and paste makes ConEmu is complete application and also a great choice for developers searching for improved productivity in windows.

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It is a comprehensive software utility designed. ConEmu presents the facility to the users who prefer to work with multiple console programs at the same time. ConEmu allows the users to open more than one command line tool in multiple tabs like in graphical interfaces, as well as to set up custom tasks and add command groups to menus. The installation process does not take long time to complete; it also allows the users to exclude any components from the full package like start menu, desktop shortcuts and manager plug in. For quick access there are some useful predefined console tools are available and it is also possible to add new ones.

This program comes packed with numerous configuration settings along to the font, back ground image and many other UI features. During its use the users find that it did not hang crash or shoe error notifications. Running on low CPU and RAM it has minimal impact on PC performance.

Open Source
2.3 MB.

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