Courier Mail Server Download Latest Version

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Courier Mail Server Latest Version

Free download Courier Mail Server latest version. Courier Mail Server has been especially designed for those who have to deal with many emails in a day. No doubt it is not an easy task to respond quantity of requests from the services like POP3 and SMTP. Courier Mail Server is one of those software applications which will help you to have easy deal in responding emails and particularly in exchange of emails through internet and local networks. The Courier Mail Server enables you to make your own server which will be more suitable for you to exchange emails.

Courier-Mail-Server-ScreenshotCourier Mail Server is not only useful on internet but for your own local networks it is best in work. You may create SOCKS and Web server by following some simple procedure. You will have ability to configure the Web and SOCK anytime with just simple clicks. You can easily configure your server in order to make flexibility to your users in mail filtering and sorting them. You can also make strict filter in order to prevent yourself by spam emails. In this way you will have safe emails just. This feature also allows you to make your emails secure from all the viruses and malwares which can be threat for you.

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The best thing in Courier Mail Server is its flexibility towards user’s demands and needs.  Users can have customizable templates of notifications which would be supportable with Macros. In this way, all the notifications received by the clients would be filtered and safe. Moreover, you can attach your sever with many different domains at the same time. And then you can retrieve all the emails requests. You can also fix the size of the no. of messages in emails or the size of your inbox.

To sum up, Courier Mail Server is a software application which can be trusted by the users. It helps you to create email server in order to deal with many of the emails and requests. It can be connected with many domains at the same time to get requests. It can be a little complex for the new users but its efficient and good in its nature. Overall response of the users is good after using it.  You can use it on your local network and on internet as well. (Review by PCFavour)

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