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Download CursoMecaNet – Typing Speed up software

The program is to improve typing speed in English with practice and test your skills by using this software!

Today’s most useful method to use technology, typing alphabetically comes to surface for the purpose. MecaNet is such typing software that enables you to learn that how to type on the computer keyboard without looking with using the ten fingers. This way you can reach between 250 and 300 beats per minute but how many speed requires for normal typing skills. May be typing speed results 25 wps to 60 wps. Typing software like as Typing Master Pro is also available for getting typing skills at your own end which is also easy to learn typing. The MecaNet typing course is free and has no expiration date and contains the complete texts of its multiple lessons and exams. Various versions of the MecaNet course are available.: for those who are looking for the easiest course to use, there is the Basic version ; for those who are looking for the most complete course possible, there is the Collection version, which is a compendium of all the versions in a single application; for those who seek as many lessons as possible is the Core version ; for those who seek simplicity of use is the Keyboard version , and for those who want everything all everything … there is the MecaNet-Office version .

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(Screenshot of CursoMecaNet Software)


With this program, if you want to learn typing, then it is to mention here that Computer is an essential machine for the purpose. In case of requirement of any project prepared by typing, then, also necessarily be done by computer, it is unthinkable to present or make documents presented by hand in any company or field of activity. The need to know how to correctly use a computer keyboard goes hand in hand with our productivity, and therefore, with our chances of having a good job. It is already a reality, that in those more advanced countries, the teaching of computer writing is taking place in schools with children from six or seven years of age, knowing that, in most of their lives will perform tasks written by computer. Therefore, it is very important that children learn to write fluently on the computer keyboard using all the fingers of their hands.CursoMecaNet-screenshot2

Remember! Age is required for getting typing skills. Then ideal age to start typing is around eight or nine years, which is when children have enough motor skills in their fingers to be able to perform this task effectively. Learning typing is a very repetitive task and can be tedious, so it is advisable that the work sessions be short periods of no more than 20 minutes. Want learn typing, you have to memorize the keyboard using the correct fingers and, for that, the method has not changed: practice, practice and practice. MecaNet is the typing course that allows young people to lay the foundations of their academic development in the current world of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Typing course Keyboard

There is also requirement of Keyboard Typing Course for Students or typing learner or who are new to type on keyboard. Typing course Keyboard shows on the screen the full text of the lesson that is being practiced. While you learning or typing contents, you can save your lesson and to continue it at another time. You can work with any text file or generate new lessons with the letters you want. Keyboard is a course of initiation to typing in Spanish, designed for beginners in using computers. Its objective is to learn the movements of the fingers for the writing of letters without looking at the keyboard.This course consisting on 20 lessons , you can save-load the progress in each lesson. It is interesting and anybody can learn from this.

Competences of CursoMecaNet that help to develop interactively:

  • This program will help in the learning of reading and spelling .
  • Help to Improve coordination and laterality problems .
  • Best Exercise attention , concentration and self-control .
  • The software will promote a correct use of the computer with the consequent gain in time and productivity .
  • In short, it teaches how to write correctly on the computer keyboard .

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