Daum PotPlayer Download Latest Version

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Daum PotPlayer Latest Version

Free download Daum PotPlayer latest version 1.7.7150. It is not only a video and audio player but also a screen capture recorder. You can run all types of videos in Daum PotPlayer as it supports almost every format.

Daum-PotPlayer-screenshotDaum PotPlayer is very easy to install and during installation you are required to select your speaker type. Daum PotPlayer is just not a player, as mention above. It supports Webcam, Analog TV, Digital TV and DVD/Blu-ray. Daum PotPlayer has a lot of codecs which are built-in this application. Daum PotPlayer allows you to use different short keys such and alt+D will take you to Device Settings.

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Daum PotPlayer has a lot of features such as it has added the ability to set mouse wheel right/left actions, has improved touch feature. Daum PotPlayer has also fixed the issue where certain DVD subtitles does not show up. It has also improved game capture function such as provide you ability to work with online games.

Game Capture is the mostly describable feature of Daum PotPlayer that allows you to record the video and the audio being played by other 3D Graphics Programs such as Direct3D or OpenGL based applications. You can use this feature for many purposes such as you may know that video recorder functions of DVB player software are very limited if you are watching Digital TV channels on your own PC. They just allow you to record the video as it is in MPG or TS format. If you want to convert it to different format such as MKV or want to reduce the size then you have to use and encoder program after recording. But using Daum PotPlayer’s game capture function, you can capture video of these Direct3D/OpenGL applications and record it into your desired format, resolution, FPS and bitrate.

You can check the complete process and setting for Game capture feature from DVB Support. (Review by pcfavour)

22.0 MB (32-bit)
22.96 MB (64-bit)
DVB Support

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