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The program data browsing application that helps you for seeking valuable insight into both the table and the interrelation of the rows smoothly! DBeauty 7.8.2 latest version is available to download on our platform of PCfavour. DBeauty is hereby introduced like as the part of the Jailer Database Tool Suite. It is also defined as communication with regard to relationship associated or oriented Database Browser, as such the project to be required as per your own requirements. Provides insight into both the tables and the interrelation of the rows.

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DBeauty Features

  • The advantage of program is also included that Navigation bidirectionally by via database concerned to the foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships accordingly.
  • Having the capability and functioning is automatic detection of foreign keys.
  • Its features is also includes the SQL/DML generator.
  • Another thing is pertinent to mention here that Execution of arbitrary SQL queries prove itself an efficient.

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33.16 MB.

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