Dinosaur Attack 3D Simulator APK for Android

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Dinosaur Attack 3D Simulator APK for Android

Free download Dinosaur Attack 3D Simulator for Android with APK file. Download Dinosaur Attack 3D Simulator new version from the direct link. This winter season get the real experience of prehistoric period giant Tyrannosaurus rules as the king of the jungle download Dinosaur Attack 3D Simulator for ultimate animal clash in 3D simulator game.

dinosaur-attack-3d-simulator-Android-screenshotDinosaur Attack 3D Simulator is dino simulation game that will take you to lush green wildlife jungle rampage with open world map. Take control of mighty trex dinosaur safari hunts and attacks wild forest animals with your savage claws, sharp teeth and pyromaniac breathe. Feel the thrill of being angry hunter in chase of you prey.

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Make a strong roar before you attack, dear, bear, lion, panther, hippo, zebra, wolf, elephant or cheetah. Its battle of survival hunt or be hunted, destroy creature bring chaos in woods with the giant savage tyrannosaurus.


Thrill of attacking animals with superb monster animation and cinematic scenes showcasing the attacking of your flame throwing ferocious dinosaurs. Uncover the lost Jurassic area lush green park with beautiful fog and winter snow effects. Download this newest adventure game for your android device and spend some quality time playing it.

Dinosaur Attack 3D Simulator Super Features:

  • Control giant flame throwing dinosaur in Jurassic era.
  • 12 Challenge base hunting levels to attack park animals.
  • Free mode to roam and explore uncover green woods map.
  • Stunning wild animations of bear, lion, panther, wolf, elephant and cheetah.
  • Amazing vivid graphics with superb gameplay.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

44.88 MB.

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