Download Flappy Bird New Game

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Download Flappy Bird New Game

Free download Flappy Bird New game free for PC. Somethings look simpler than what they actually are. Flappy bird is a sort of game which does not seem to require the dexterity which most of the heavy games demand even to be played well only. This game seems very easy: hit the space to propel the bird upward and make it move between the pillars.

Flappy-Bird-New-PC-Game-ScreenshotDownload Flappy Bird New free full version game and start playing now!

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If you hit any of the green pillar you are out of the game; your game is over. You have to make it fly through the pillars as much as possible to accumulate maximum possible score. But, the fact is that, it is not that much easy as it seems to be. This game is an excellent practice of focus. You just need a negligence of a microseconds to be banged with any of the pillars. But wait! If you are good at focus, it is not enough alone. You should know the perfect timing at which you would hit the button. Your focus and timing must be accurate throughout the game. The first time you disturb either of them, you are out of it.

This game is something like addiction. You start to play it, and you never stop playing. It’s a complete fun, a complete learning, a complete exercise and a complete addiction. It is a freeware and is available here on this website as well. It is a light weight game and only occupies 7 MB of your space, that is almost equal to none.

Remember, your ultimate goal in the game is to keep your bird alive as much as possible. But outside of it, it is a complete course of exercising attention, focus and timing. You keep on enjoying, keep on learning and keep on practicing your skills. Download and play Flappy Bird for free now!

Free Game features:

  • Original game play;
  • Added more game content;
  • Flappy Bird is easy and addicting game ever.
7 MB.

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