Dragon Attack City Survival APK for Android

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Dragon Attack City Survival APK for Android

Free download Dragon Attack – City Survival new version for Android with APK file. It’s Dragon Attack shooting game for young age kids, boys and girls. The city survival is based on your shooting skills and firepower. Dragons are awake from long sleep and now they are feeling hungry and angry. The supernatural carnivore dragon’s shadow has seen near the mountain castle of the city.

dragon-attack-city-survival-Android-screenshotThe flying komodo reptile is striking the dark forests with his fire breathing across the Village. Play as trained knights or a Viking fighter and kill all supernatural reptiles that are attacking your city castle. The fire is so dangerous it can melt your steel armor so there is no chance of melee attack. Use your weapons firepower and shoot arrow & ammos, cut the wings and attack technically with more active stance.

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Its dawn time this flying komodo reptile clan is flying towards your town. Your village requires heroes with armor and firepower to kill these monsters. This carnivore predator is hungry and roaring loud in air to kill all the people in realm. As kingdom famous knight and archer fight at the wall and kill the myth of fury giant dragon. Save the Kingdom in Castle clash and hunt down, slay down the dragon with your arrow and crossbow and serious weapons. Rise of the dragonfly, which is small and dangerous.

The carnivore Dragon’s swamp adventure has begun with war situation of city dragons. Save and slay dragons with your slayer knight’s techniques. Score more to weapons attack and kill the dragons birds form dungeon rampage. You can go near them for melee attack with sword or other weapons. Use your archer skills and hunt them all with crossbows.

Those dino’s aren’t going to stop today. Target the swamp giant dragon wings flaps to hunt down dragonfly with headhunter quest. King of dragon’s slayer is fearless and dangerous Dragon rises to take revenge from destroying their castle, village & city into pieces from fire breathing dragons. You got ammos, arrows and different weapons to hunt down this flying predator.

Amazing hunter game for young teens, boys and girls; even 5-12 year kids can enjoy this fun game. Awesome action pack thrilling game without any violence.


  • Use 3 types of Dragon killing weapon for dragon’s rampage hunting knights.
  • Extra Objectives added for some adventure and challenging part.
  • Simple and easy Game play controls to use.
  • All new Themes added from darkness dragonfly to the mountains with various difficulty levels.
  • Aim for shooting mountain hunting dragon.
  • All time favorite new series of Dragon killer and hunting game.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

18.51 MB.

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