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Dropbox Latest Version

Free download Dropbox latest version. Dropbox app for PC presents an intuitive interface which allows its users to drag and drop their files into cloud storage that will then sync in the background. During setup, while it can use its share of resources this app is one of the most reliable ways to share and store files remotely on a PC, then ensure that they are protected against damage or loss.

Dropbox-screenshot-newThe users will find that after Installation this app appears in Explorer as its own folder and in the task bar also placing an icon. This thing allows the users quick access to the folder. To update files in the cloud or see what files users have added on their own machine drag and drop files into or out of the Dropbox. The users will find it is all very intuitive. Right click on any folder or file the users will find sharing options for other users. If anyone doesn’t have an active Dropbox folder then users can share a file with them either as an invite or a direct download to sign up.

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If the users have a large volume of files or a full folder to upload then initial installation can be slow. This thing can impact performance of the other applications on the users’ computer and also slow down their internet connection a bit. But many people won’t have many files so it is a miner complaint. The syncing process will take only an hour or two. But it can be frustrating procedure for large account and the users will likely go through multiple times.

While users can update folders and files from their desktop app then some options require logging into the website like many sharing and liking tools. Overall this app is easy to use and free for the users. (Review by PCFavour)

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