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A Competent Tool, finds automatically all of duplicate files i.e. images, videos and audio files on your local and network drives and enables to delete.

Duplicate Media Finder 2.010 is such application that enables you to find automatically all the duplicates on your computer, USB disks or network. The search can be carried out in the destination folders you select, and DMF does the rest.  Sometimes, you download lots of files from the internet , then it may be happened a chance that you grabbed the same video, track or media file multiple times, stored duplicate files and caused heavy loss of memory. If you prefer your media in top quality formats, then the duplicates can take up a considerable part of your hard drive. Here, Duplicate Media Finder is a lightweight program that allows to search out the identical files you know or not stored in various folders on your local and network drives.

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(Screenshot of Duplicate Media Finder)


The tool helps duplicates based on name, extension, date or size files.
The program comes with an intuitive interface that consists of three main tabs, namely Search, Results and Configuration. You will be happy to learn that the app includes an advanced search function that permits you to specify the types of files you are looking for, namely images, videos or tracks. Meanwhile, you can set the level of sensitivity for the query, a higher level allowing the app to perform a deeper search of your drives. You can specify if the contents of the file need to be identical or just similar and configure the file property criteria based on name, extension, date and size.

Results you to decide what to do with the identical files.
To the query which can be performed even in a single directory that you set as default for downloads or you can include the hidden and zero-length files. In case you need to deal with multiple dupes for the same file, then you can decide whether you want to delete them all or keep one that as the best quality, earliest date, smallest size or shortest duration for instance. It is expected for applications in this category, the tool does not automatically delete the duplicates but rather lets you decide what to do with them. Therefore, you can check out the properties, delete, rename or open the app from the context menu before you figure out what do to next.

Advantage to free up space on your hard drive
During the functioning of this tool, deleting redundant files, you will be able to free up space on your hard drives.

Look as thumbnail display
There is easy method to install and so much so, it is also mentioned that to make the duplicate files more visible, Duplicate Media Finder displays the file contents directly as thumbnails. In this way, can be able to view properly for further necessary action accordingly.

Free Demo
20.66 MB.

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  • Duplicate Media Finder is certainly one of the most effective duplicate search tools.

    Identical duplicates (like similar duplicates) are clearly presented on the same line as thumbnails.

    Excellent software and very easy to use!

  • This is a really good program that works flawlessly to find and delete duplicates. Very easy to use, too. Scans are faster than other programs.

    I would recommend Duplicate Media Finder!

  • Thank you for this topic.
    I followed your advice and I finally adopted
    Duplicate Media Finder.

    Simply excellent!

  • I use Duplicate Media Finder in professional environments. It replaced a previous duplicate finder software.

    It’s very simple to use and has many functions.

    I strongly recommend Duplicate Media Finder!