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Download Free DXVA Checker Latest Version

Reliable Software which is accessible, powerful and efficient as well as NET-based tool that smoothly enables to get various GPU information immediately.

Screenshot of DXVA Checker.


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DXVA Checker is a program to check about DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) and consists on the following features:

  • This is to check Decoder Device and Processor Device supported by GPU
  • Checker DXVA decode performance and video processing functioning
  • Check DXVA API call in other applications by trace log
  • DXVA Checker mode supports DirectShow which is decoder and Media Foundation decoder
  • Change DXVA setting in some DirectShow decoders and Media Foundation decoders
  • This is freeware program

Usage Method of DXVA Checker

This tool always results non-guaranteed regarding whether the decoder device works normally (in especially 4K/8K resolution). Because IDirectXVideoDecoderService and CreateVideoDecoder might back S_OK besides if resolution exceed the capability of hardware. How it behaves depends on display driver.

1.40 MB.

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