Elmax – C++ and C# XML

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Download Elmax – C++ and C# XML Latest Version

Still substitute easy to use C++ and C# XML parser library on Windows platform!

Competent tool which is very easy-to-use C++ and C# XML parser library for the purpose to work with in your Visual Studio application projects faster and with added accuracy. Elmax 0.9.5 Latest Version is a C++ and C# XML parser library has best functioning that can be operated on the Windows platform under the command of advanced computer users like as developers to build you website or such type use who is concerned with the subject of software programmers to help them simplify their work in developing C# and C++ projects.

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(Screenshot of Elmax – C++ and C# XML Latest Version)


This program can be used to create simple XMLs, read prices, generate Linq-to-XML Style of Node Creation and more. In Elmax, Element is the main class and most of the activities take place directly or indirectly within this particular class. It is to mention here, more, that “ReadMe” document included in the archive Elmax is packed in contains links to a couple of tutorials for DOM and SAX parsing. Upon extraction, users will find several useful files within the archive, such as solution (SLN) files for Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2013, depending on their current needs. More so, several code examples are included in a separate folder, so that users can begin testing its abilities before actually inputting their own content in the target applications. The “PortableElmaxCodeExamples,” “PreVS2012UnitTestElmax,” “TestSequelMax” and “UnitTestElmax” folders contain all the data described above that can be used for testing purposes before implementing its capabilities in a project.

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