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Evernote Latest Version

Free download Evernote latest version. Evernote is a handful of true PC essentials. This program allows the users to capture information in any environment by using whatever device or platform which they find most convenient and also makes this information accessible and searchable at anytime and from anywhere. Evernote is designed to sync to a cloud account from any device imaginable. The PC version is a quick and powerful tool which allows the users to create update, and sync notes and clips from their desktop.

Evernote-downloadThis free tool is a must for any serious PC users with a range of formatting, upgrade and organization options. The Evernote interface has been duplicated hundreds of times, but it is still remains one of the most streamlined and also easy to utilize one of the market. It is effective for small and large accounts with multiple display options, shortcuts, tagging, favorite’s bars and folder search. This program has the ability that it does not eat a lot of resources in the back ground.

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Evernote sync frequently enough to capture everything they write but not so often to slow down their machine and with shortcuts keys. This program is fast and easy to create new notes. The formatting options can be limited in the free tool and if the users copy or paste from a more    robust tool like, word there can be issues for the users with bullets and fonts.  If the users always paste to text it is a small issue. The users use Evernote to create to do lists, manage passwords, jot notes, clip entire web pages and record audio.

Everything added to this program is automatically synchronized across platform and devices and made searchable. In photos and images Evernote will even recognize printed or handwritten text. It is a fantastic productivity app, whether users are organizing recipes and clipping notes from websites for their next conference call and it is also free. (Review by PCFavour)

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