Facebook Messenger APK For Android

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Facebook Messenger APK For Android

Free download Facebook Messenger for Android with APK file. Download Facebook Messenger new version from the direct link. Facebook Messenger also called “Messenger” only, is a very useful, handy and extra widely used android application developed bay facebook. Using this application you may instantly reach the people in your life for free, only to those who are on facebook. The new update of Messenger allows the user to make group chats as make the group, name it and set photos for the group icon on Messenger.

Facebook-Messenger-Android-screenshot-DownloadMessenger has made really very easy and fast to share photos and videos with the friends. You can view the gallery of your cell phone directly from the app without going to your home screen. Messenger also allows you to make voice calls free of cost to your facebook friends. Chat Heads option of Messenger makes very easy to answer a message as whenever a new message is received, a chat head is popped up and you can open it and reply over any application you’re using already.

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You can find even more ways to message your friends as conversation using stickers, preview of gallery to send photos and videos, recording a voice message to send and a live video recording or instant photo by opening camera through Messenger. In extra features of Messenger, you can see that when people have seen your message, you can forward messages or photos to other people without re-uploading. You can search for people and group quickly, may allow the people to know your location by turning on location.

Messenger also allows you to check who is online on facebook and also who is online using Web, Mobile and Messenger. You can also create a shortcut for a specific friend on your home screen to send him message directly. You may turn off the notifications of Messenger when you’re on work or sleeping or want a break.(Review by pcfavour)

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

18.08 MB.

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