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Far Manager Latest Version

Free download Far Manager latest version. Far Manager with its command line is a program for managing files and archives in windows operating system. For performing most of the necessary actions viewing files and directories and copying, editing and renaming files Far Manager works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface. Far Manager downloads easily and it is free to use. The users have the facility that they can also delete files, create new files, or edit certain files by clicking on them.

Far-Manager-screenshotMost of the users won’t find the interface intuitive, but it is to be expected. If the users are used to working in command line, then the interface is quite intuitive and straight forward. On the other hand the users are left wondering how to reach the documentation for this program. This program does not make use of windows Explorer so that users can use the GUI in any way. In an age of easy GUI file manipulation is the best use of this program and users must work from command line.

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So in this situation this program will give the users access to their files when they may not be able to reach them in any other way. It may be a good idea to have this application on hand for windows emergencies for this purpose. Far Manager provides the possibility to work with many different modes such as namely brief, medium, full, created, wide, detailed, long descriptions, file and links. By using this application users can view files and count folder sizes, delete data, alter file attributes and time, copy, move or rename files and folders.

For making sure files are wiped out completely from the system the users can use the secure deletion mode. The users may add or extract files to or from an archive. (Review by PCFavour)

Ver 3.0.4242.0

Open Source
8.98 MB

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