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Fiddler Latest Version

Download latest version of Fiddler free. It is like a proxy which is used as Debugging Proxy. It can work through many browsers, platforms and systems as well. Fiddler keeps record all outgoing and incoming traffic from computer to the internet and it permits you to overcome traffic from specifically any app which supports proxy.

fiddler-logo-iconDo you wana edit web session? Yes you can edit and manipulate web sessions using Fiddler easily. You just have to set a breakpoint which pauses the session process, because of this you can change the request response. Through Web session manipulation one can create his own HTTP request. This request can be run from Fiddler giving permission you to re-create complex scenarios. All scenarios which are made by different processes by Fiddler would be so much difficult.

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Most of the internet users take special care about their privacy and internet security. They would love to know that Fiddler has this feature as well. User can use it to check web apps by decrypting every specific session and HTTPS traffic sessions.

More than that you can also make confirm that cache directive, header and all cookies are going to transfer between the client and server is really correct. One thing I like the most about this software is it’s highly customization. It has plethora of ready-made at your disposal which helps to make Fiddler highly flexible and customizable which suit your needs.

Fiddler has many other catchy tools and functions which a user can require. It is best for developers, system administrators, power users and testers.

1.17 MB.

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