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FileMenu Tools Latest Version

Free download FileMenu Tools latest version. FileMenu Tools is a free application which lets you customize the context menu of Windows Explorer. The application adds built-in utilities to perform operations on files and folders and adds custom commands which let you run external applications, copy/move to a specific folder or delete specific file types.

FileMenu-Tools-screenshotWith FileMenu Tools, you also can customize the “Send to…” submenu, and either enable or disable context-menu commands added by other applications. The synchronization type (unidirectional, bidirectional, etc.) and the file types to be synchronized may be specified.

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Recursively delete specific file types from a folder. The file types may be specified with wildcards, for example: *.txt, *.t??, etc. Find and replace a text string in all selected files. Regular expressions are supported.

Rename all selected elements according to specified rules. Delete files which are locked by any application and cannot be deleted normally. Delete the selected elements WITHOUT moving them to the Recycle Bin. Change the icon assigned to the selected folder.

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10 MB (Portable)

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