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FontCreator Latest Version

Free download FontCreator latest version. Are you enough creative to build your own font? Do you want to use unique font styles for your use? Yes, it is possible now. FontCreator is an application especially designed for those who want to build their own font styles. It is having very small size and simply structured. It can be used by the both of the users; professionals and novice.  It is easy to install and to use. Once you have installed FontCreator software in your PC, you will have a dialog which will give you instructions how to use it effectively and productively. You can use FAQ if you are facing any difficulty in creating fonts.

FontCreator-ScreenshotThe user interface standard will come with many options/buttons like, Drawing, Standard, and Glyph and Grid button. You will also have Distribution and Align toolbar on your computer display. You have facility to make them disable using View Menu. You can have editing option as well with name of Free Draw Contours option. Using Free Draw Contours option you can edit the Glyph. The best attraction for me is to use your own handwriting as a font. For example you are having your own handwriting on a paper; you may scan and convert that to picture format. Then import that picture and create your own unique font style.

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For starting creating process you firstly have to put a name of font family and then by selecting character type like symbol or Unicode, providing font style like bold italic, regular, italic or just bold. You have to define the outline as well even if you are not going to have outline, you have to put the command of not having outline. These procedures are necessary for starting creating fonts.

For those who do not have any experience regarding font creating, they might have some difficulty but they don’t need to be worry because it s proper instruction make every user expert time to time. And for those who are professionals, I can say they will love it so much. Because it does not require great hard disk to install, it does not hang on those systems which are having low RAM and CPU rather than it is efficient in use, specific to its task and good in look. Users love while using this software program. (Review by PCFavour)

11.6 MB.

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