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FossaMail Latest Version

Free download FossaMail latest version. FossaMail is an Open Source, Mozilla Thunderbird-based mail, news and chat client for Windows and Linux, brought to you by the Pale Moon developers (and therefore not affiliated with the Mozilla Corporation). It is an alternative version of the Mozilla Thunderbird mail&news client, and based on the Pale Moon browser core.

FossaMail-screenshotFossaMail is an open source, Mozilla Thunderbird based mail. On the Pale Moon browser core it is an alternative version of the Mozilla Thunderbird mail. Towards as a stable and smooth operation of the client as possible it is built from source with compiler optimization geared. As its back end FossaMail uses the Pale Moon browser core. Rather than other Mozilla powered products the client therefore based on Pale Moon. This software uses its own profile interface with existing Thunderbird installations.

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This is compatible with all Thunderbird add-ons and plug ins. For both windows and Linux it is available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. For the users this app comes with an optional cleaner organizer add on which will allow it to be used in a Microsoft outlook style information manager fashion. The Pale Moon community support for FossaMail is provided. On the Pale Moon forum the users can discuss bugs, give feedback and ask for support.

For general use and questions the users may also want to check out the Mozilla help pages for Thunderbird. It uses its own profile folder. However, it is possible to move an existing profile into the FossaMail profile folder in order to integrate it into the mail client right way. The users find many differences when it comes to the interface of functionality. It is based on Thunderbird ESR release and the author will follow those, so that users can update the mail client shortly after that version of thunderbird was updated by Mozilla.

Overall, this app is very helpful for the users and also provides them an easy way to do their task. This program has many features which facilitate the users and also able them to update their system’s functions. The users feel great ease by using this app. (Review by PCFavour)

Open Source
20.25 MB
24.25 MB (64-bit)

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