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Free Hide IP Latest Version

Download Free Hide IP latest version. It is a network related application regarding public IPs. As its name states, Free Hide IP enables you to hide your real IP. Free Hide IP assigns a fake and temporary IP address from different countries of the world. By default, it will assign you an IP from United States. Free Hide IP is very light weight so it will take few minutes to download and install. After installing the software, you are ready to hide your IP address. When the program will start, it will show you your real IP address as shown in the image given above.

Free-Hide-IP-Screenshot-downloadAt the bottom, you can see the fake location with a country flag. You will see some function button at the left bottom of the program. These are Hide IP, Choose IP Country, Settings and Get Pro. When you click on Hide IP button, the software Free Hide IP will change your real ip address and mask with a fake temporary ip address from United States.

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Free Hide IP can be used to hide your identity on the internet for your security. After hiding the IP address, you can check it on that will show the same IP as you can see on the Software screen. Thus you can safely browse without showing your location at the internet. To click on Choose IP Country, you can choose any country of your choice to get the fake IP of that country. This feature is available for Pro users only. You can purchase Pro for $19.95. Free users can use US IPs anytime without any cost.

Drawbacks of Free Hide IP?

It will only hide your IP but at the core level, your IP will not hide. Only the websites and or any other website will show the fake IP assign by Free Hide IP software. But when you will try to open Google, it will redirect you to the country specific domain. Which means that your IP is not from United States as Google uses .com extension for United States location. You can also try in search “What is my IP” and in the result, google will show you your real IP.

You cannot open block sites such as YouTube in Pakistan using this Hide IP software. These are all its drawbacks so be careful during the usage of this program.

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Free Hide IP

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