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This Program enables you to enumerate all devices, detects ghosted devices as well as removes these if they match selectable devices types and/or devices classes with a single mouse-click. Below screenshot the colored devices are looking like set to be uninstalled when they become ghosted. Both device and class name selection can be used.

Screenshot of GhostBuster


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With this program you can filter device classes of which you want to remove the ghosted ones. Ghostbuster will perform the quick action as you want with regard to exactly the same at the moments of right click a device in the Windows Device Manager and choose uninstall. This application will help to remove devices even shown by name, class or wildcard so cannot be used to remove only one of two ghosted devices that share the same name, it supports you always as to try for removing the same . This will NOT remove drives or inf files so most drivers (like for flash drives) will re-install when the hardware is re-attached to the computer.


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