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GSmartControl Download Latest Version

GSmartControl 1.1.3 is a graphical UI for smartctl (from smartmontools bundle), which is a device for questioning and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) information on present day hard circle and strong state drives. It enables you to review the drive’s SMART information to decide its wellbeing, and in addition run different tests on it.


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GSmartControl bolsters ATA drives (both PATA and SATA), different USB to ATA extensions and drives behind some RAID controllers. See Smartmontools USB Device bolster page for a (deficient) rundown of upheld USB to ATA spans.

Upheld RAID controllers:

  • Adaptec (Linux, a few models as it were)
  • Areca (Linux, Windows)
  • HP CCISS (Linux)
  • HP hpsa/hpahcisr (Linux)
  • Intel Matrix Storage (CSMI) (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD)
  • LSI 3ware (Linux, Windows)
  • LSI MegaRAID (Windows)

Note: Smartmontools underpins considerably more RAID Controllers. The drives behind such controllers can be physically added to GSmartControl utilizing “Include Device…” usefulness or – include gadget charge line alternative.

GSmartControl highlights:

  • consequently reports and features any peculiarities
  • permits empowering/incapacitating SMART
  • permits empowering/incapacitating Automatic Offline Data Collection – a short self-watch that the drive will perform consequently like clockwork with no effect on execution
  • underpins design of worldwide and per-drive choices for smartctl
  • performs SMART individual tests
  • shows drive personality data, capacities, qualities, gadget measurements, and so forth…
  • can read in smartctl yield from a spared document, translating it as a read-just virtual gadget
  • deals with most smartctl-upheld working frameworks
  • has broad help data.

GSmartControl 1.1.2 changelog:

  • Settled gsmartcontrol-root not passing GDK_SCALE and GDK_DPI_SCALE factors to gsmartcontrol when utilizing PolKit.
  • Settled fogginess of symbols in the principle window with GDK_SCALE=2.
  • Changed the fundamental window interface.
  • Windows: Show volume marks close to drive letters in symbol tooltips.
  • Windows: smartctl 6.6 is packaged with the bundles now.

Changes in GSmartControl v1.1.3:

Settled gsmartcontrol-root not propelling if GDK_* factors are not set.



Open Source
7.43 MB (32-bit)
7.22 MB (64-bit)
10.24 MB (Portable 32-bit)
10.64 MB (Portable 64-bit)

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