Hotel Management System Full Board

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Hotel Management System Software Full Board Download

Hotel Management System Full Board version 7.12 Built is available, If your resort hotel or hostel provides services full board or half board packages, then you manage their different rates according to seasons as per requirements. At this stage, just download and use Hotel Management System – Full Board Version. It helps to manage resort hotel or hostel efficiently, and no need to worry that how is possible to calculate full board or half board rates accordingly.Create hotel databases specifying the available utilities, such as rooms, beds, employees and efficiently manage reservations and customers.


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  • It helps to Support Full Board/Half Board Packages as well as Season Setup
  • To Manage Reservations, Services, Rooms/Beds, Guests and Employees
  • Highly Configurable and Easy To Use
  • Affordable – A One Time Price – No Hidden Costs
  • Track Guests and avoid Double Bookings
  • Analyze Reservation Data and Hotel Management Expert
  • Automatic Calculations
  • Provide Valuable Reports
  • Multi-Users and Permissions Management
  • Support Multi-Language: English, Spanish, French, Czech, Dutch, Arabic, Albanian, Portuguese, Greek, Vietnamese, Russian, Serbian,
5.03 MB.

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