Ice Hockey 3D APK for Android

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Ice Hockey 3D APK for Android

Free download latest version Ice Hockey 3D for Android with APK file. Simple. Fun. Classic. Whet your hockey appetite with this #1 adrenaline filled fun game Ice Hockey 3D.

Ice-Hockey-3D-screenshotIce Hockey 3D offers pure hockey experience with fast paced game-play, smooth animations, stunning visuals, incredibly fluid controls and insane actions. Choose your favorite hockey team of skaters and dominate the ice while fighting your way to the final buzzer! Perform faultless poke-checks and deliver perfect slap-shots to bring down even the toughest of opponents.

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Whether you like quick bursts of action or want to dive deep with hours of fun like NHL, Ice Hockey 3D is here for you.


Game Features:

  • Customize your team with over 20+ uniforms.
  • Boost your players shooting, passing and skating skills in Dress-room Smooth, responsive game play & realistic physics.
  • Quick Play & Championship Mode (Cup, Tour, Shootout).
  • Mini-game Air Hockey included.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

14.22 MB.
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