Icecream Image Resizer

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Icecream Image Resizer

icecream-image-resizer-downloadDownload latest version of Icecream Image Resizer free. It is another freeware by IceCream Apps. In daily life you need to deal with resizing of images or snapshots. Many of the online websites this facilitation but if you don’t have internet connection you would not be able to resize your images. IceCream Image Resizer is an offline program which offers you free resizing of your pictures. If you are having smart phone then HD and heavy sized images may create some issue regarding their preview. To resolve this problem you have to resize the HD images according to the compatible size of your smart phones.  Apart from it, most of the professional designers need to increase or decrease the image size as per their requirements. For all those IceCream Image Resizer would be a great favor by PCFavour.

 Another good attraction for having IceCream Image Resizer is you can also select the plenty of photos and then select the size after that implement that size to all of them. In this way you can resize many of the images in bulk. It will definitely save your time. IceCream Image Resizer supports some of limited formats like JPG, TIFF and PNG image format.  You can also change the resolution of the images as well along with their size and this facilitation also offers by bulk processing. It is good facilitation for those who are having their favorite pictures and are not able to set them as their facebook profile pictures or as cover photos.  For all those just download this software and resize your desired pictures. For facebook cover you can select the 851×315 and for profile picture the required size is 140×140 pixels.

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In order to maintain the quality of the image you can use aspect ratio which does not affect the quality of the images.  Aspect ratio can automatically modify the size of images without effecting the quality of pictures.

The program is able to automatically detect the landscape or portrait photo and then it flips the dimension of images automatically. The main feature is working behind it is aspect ratio which especially has been designed for maintenance of the quality. And Icecream Apps does not compromise on quality. You don’t need to have high system RAM or processor for using this program. It is easy and simple in use. (Review by PCFavour)

15.20 MB.
System Requirements:
1.33Ghz Intel®, AMD or any other compatible processor / faster processor for netbooks;
512MB of RAM (1GB for better performance);
250MB to 1GB of free disk space

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