IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game Download Free

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IGI 2 Covert Strike Game

This game is sequel of Project IGI 1 I’m Going in Game. You can Free Download IGI 2 Covert Strike game for PC. It is first person shooter action game. This action game has about 19 missions. In this demo version, there is only 1 mission. After downloading the game, install it and extract the downloaded folder. To install the game, run setup file and install it according to instructions provided by installer. Start the game from your desktop and execute first and only mission. Use arrow keys for movement and mouse to change directions. To check controls of the game, press Esc key and select control options. You can check or change game control option from these options. Go to Download Link

Screenshot for IGI 2 Covert Strike Game

igi 2 downloadTo check your current location, open Map using M key from keyboard. You will see some numbers such as 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are location of your objectives. You can check the list of all objectives from Objective menu using O key from keyboard. You have to complete all given objectives one by one to complete the mission. After completing some objectives, you can upload data to IGI headquarter. Use this option rarely as it depends a battery life which should remain till completion of all objects.

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The weapons which are used in this game are handguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, RPGs and light machine guns. You can change your weapon using numeric keys. IGI 2 is similar to Delta Force 1, Delta Force 2 and other shooter games. Download it now and enjoy. (Review by PCFavour)

How to Download IGI 2 Game on your PC?


How to Download this Game? See Video Demo on YouTube

How to Download this game… see video on Dailymotion


Free Demo
125 MB.

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16 Responses

  1. muhammad anus says:

    good game

  2. MAHI says:


  3. umair says:

    igi 4 is available?

  4. Ashir Syed says:

    What is your website

  5. waqar says:

    ya to demo hai

  6. suresh says:

    igi 2 ki download link kya hai

  7. haseeb says:

    agy jo divar hoge usk agy chup jana jb helicopter dusri traf sy aye to opposite side pe chup jana

  8. FLORA KHAN says:

    project IGI me 7 round me helicopter se kese bachna hai

  9. BLOOM KHAN says:

    backspace key se zoom ho ga

  10. Hunter Umer says:

    yar kisi ko pta ha igi 2 main mishion nmber 3 main dragune gun ya dosri lazer gun ki keys kya han sab try kya per zoom ni ho rahi

  11. Muhammad Faheem Usama says:

    Right side of black menu bar.

  12. Noor ahmed KLBS says:

    faheem sahib search ka botton kha h?

  13. M Akram says:

    igi 2

  14. asadafzaal says:

    yar plz igi2 game download karna ma mare help karna

  15. Muhammad Faheem Usama says:

    Project IGI 1 is also available. You can search our website

  16. rizwanwattoo says:

    nice game

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