Instagram App for iPhone

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Instagram App for iPhone

Instagram-iphone-app-screenshotFree download Instagram iPhone App. It is a free and popular iPhone app which allows you to take the good moments in your iPhone device, edit it and add the special effects in pictures and share them to your friends and family members. You can share the snaps using Instagram’s social network or some other social networks. It is the project of Burbn Inc.

Instagram gives you great features such as; after taking photos you can add the beautiful effects to make the photos more beautiful and memorable and then post it on Instagram community or via Twitter, Facebook and Linked In etc, by using this app you can also gives and receive comments on pictures and can like the pictures. It has also News feed through which you can see the pictures of those people who you follow.

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This one is the latest version of instagram having an opportunity to tag the people like Facebook. It has an extra feature of ‘geo tagging’ which allows you to add you current location. The best one feature which is included in Instagram is ‘Filters’.

Instagram is very easy to use and have simple icons; photo feed, photo capture, news feed and profile settings. The photos are very clear to see in the news feed. The only drawback is, it has no ‘undo’ option which irritates the users for sometime but it is not the highlight feature and can be ignorable.

Instagram’s latest version has some recent changes like; now is has video option, you can share them too, but you can take the video for 15 seconds right now, it has 13 new filters now, you can select you favorite video. When you take a picture the maximum resolution is 600*600 pixels while you are using Instagram.

This app became very popular in few days because it has a bunch of qualities and multiple options you can do with it and have a lot of fun with your friends and family. You need to sign up, firstly then there is a vast fun world of pictures. (Review by pcfavour)

13 MB.
Burbn Inc.

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