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InStep Latest Version

Free download InStep latest version. InStep is a software application that converts from various file formats including STL into STEP format. Since its early days when it was known as STL2STEP, it has been redesigned and has grown into a fully flegded tool that includes numerous useful error correction, graphics and user interaction features that make it much more than a mere file converter.

InStep-ScreenshotInStep supports import & export of the following formats:

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  • STL (Ascii/Text and Binary)
  • OBJ
  • DAE (for triangulated bodies)
  • VRML
  • X3D
  • GDML (with limited definition of domains/materials)

In addition, the FE module is set up to read and write the mesh components of the following Finite Element formats:

  • OUT, Poly
  • MSH (Gmsh format)
  • CFE
  • MSH (Fluent R13, Export only)

Interaction between FE meshes and CAD meshes is enabled by allowing the surfaces of meshes to be exported as geometry or faceted geometry be used as surface meshes. Export to the STEP format has been greatly refined and produces smaller files than in the previous version.

For the Surface/CAD meshes, a number of tools provide feedback about the data, planar combination, facet normal switching and hole closure. For the FE meshes, tools provide feedback of the data, surface extraction, removal of surface or volume meshes and removal of unused vertices.

Free Demo
4.42 MB.

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