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Internet Cafe Software by AstrumSoft Latest Version

A Competent and Rare Brand Tool, user-friendly application having capability to enable you to manage Internet café for efficient requirements to grow up your company business! The program is Complete solution regarding controls, secures and automates internet cafe, gaming center, cyber cafe. Internet Connections, Billing of customers for games, Internet, applications and selling POS items. Internet Cafe 4.31 is defined as to the extend of Timer software locking computers that customer didn’t paid for or his time is out at your own wish as such you are the owner and the program is your basic requirements for this type of work. The tool will help you possibility control any game consoles like as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii etc. This software not only assists you to Maximize internet cafe business as profits by tracking work of operators (anti-theft). This application has been established for Windows.

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Internet Cafe Features:

  • With this you will Control and accounting up to 48 client computers or game consoles. Internet Cafe Software is to be installed on any server relating to the admin/operator computer and on each client computer system.
  • The advantage is that Client computers are automatically locked when pre-paid time is out for customer and worth about using different pricing methods, including pre-paid, post-paid, separate tariffs for games and Internet.
  • It’s Separate security access levels in addition to cafe owner (administrator of cafe) and employees (operators) and its Tracking work of operators is totally anti-theft functioning.


  • Another special feature of Internet Cafe is that Customer accounts detail like as full profile, login/password to start pre-paid work without operator. And Full control included monitoring and protection of client computers.
  • User friendly interface will enable quickly say which computer is free, busy and when will be available. From you, Customers can be reminded with regard to inform about remaining time and when it is out, including voice reminders. As a result, customer will be enable to know the remaining or passed time where he is using computer. So, this tool will help overall.
  • It is also important to concerned that Moving, swapping customers. Possibility to move the remaining time to another customer.

Moreover, it is also added that all kinds of packages related to the ‘Voice reminder packages’ and others are available on the subject platform which can be availed at your own wish to proceed further into the matter.

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