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Download Free Iris Latest Version

Here is Iris latest version for eye protection, health and productivity purpose. A Customized and free tool, as the Iris is original with great idea for health.

It has most popular features which is brought to you with the remarks that you can decrease blue light of screen as well as can control brightness of the screen for eye safety without PWM flicker. Iris has different types of modes which are commonly used by the people. You can customize Iris a lot. May be it is little hard for non-technical officials, but one thing is special that it is easy to use and possibility are the part.

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By default setting of Iris can work automatically and detects day or night vision. It is also added that change of screen Color Temperature and Brightness is its advantage. While is required to be opened the control panel, can be used different types of modes of Iris easily at own choice. Despite this, if feel difficult, then you can use Iris mini that is smaller size and lower CPU usage. Iris always works even on docking stations and monitors connected with USB. Larger blue light reduction color range compared to all other alternatives, brightness without pulse-width modulation, manual settings, color effects, font rendering, magnification and partial screen blue light reduction with the help of full screen overlays.


38.39 MB.
31.58 MB (OSX)
62.64 (Linux/32-bit)
61.64 (Linux/64-bit)

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