Java Runtime Environment 8 Download

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Java Runtime Environment 8 Latest Version

Free download Java Runtime Environment latest version for 32-bit and 64 bit. Java Runtime Environment also known as JRE is a windows based application for your PC. This is the most basic virtual machine of Java which is a required component to run any Java-based application etc.

Java-Runtime-Environment-JREIt is very easy to install it on your PC. It takes hardly a few minutes to complete the installation process and enables your computer and web browsers to integrate with Java.  The program also provides the Java Virtual Machine, libraries and other factors to run applets and programs written in the Java Programming Language.

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Moreover, there are also two basic technologies which are parts of the Java Runtime Environment; Java Web Start which works with standalone software over a network and Java Plug-in which works with web browsers and enables applets to run.

To configure the options of JRE, you can use your Control Panel, from where you can easily find the Java in programs options (e.g. Windows 7). (Review by pcfavour)

35.59 MB (32-bit)
41.15 MB (64-bit)

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